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Had a helluva weekend kids!

Friday, when Bas and I finished work we went to a party!
A Birthday party, Frank's!Had some good old fun at Huize de Vries!
Did a lot of chitchat with Remy and Tinus and around 0300
Bram and Koen went upstairs for some philosophy and after another
beer I joined them untill Bas wanted to go home!

Next day it was Queensday, I don't like the Monarchy,
singing the National Anthem at 0800 neither so I waked up around '11 :)

After Bas, his parents and Sylvia joined me we went to Schoonhoven,
where Drowned had a gig from 1500 until 1915, an awful lotta fun,
and all my friends from last night were there too again :)
And guess what?I bought a second-hand Polaroid 636 for five euro!
And he forced me to take all of his film too :)

Film was best before '99 :)

That night we (Kien, Trudie, Tinus, Nick, Ottobert and I) went clubhopping,
in Schoonhoven cause we we're rejected at "De Feesttent"!
Too much fun for two days, so I fumbled it at 0330 so Kien and I went home..
Played Risk in the garden yesterday, conquered N-America & Australia, and won :)

What a helluva weekend kids :)
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